Josh Vickerman, CIC, LUTCF


Phone: 651-288-4070

I have been involved in the insurance industry for over 15 years as both an Agent and District Manager, and was elected President of the Agency in 2019, replacing Rodney Allebach, whom I consider a friend and mentor. Each year my passion for the industry continues to grow as I understand the complexities of insurance and the impact it can have on people. People are why I got into this business. When my three young sons ask me what I do, my answer is simple. When something bad happens to someone, like their house burns down or they get in a car accident or even if they die, Dad is a part of helping them get their life back together. Each day this career provides constant variety, change, education, and re-education. I am a proud CIC and LUTCF certified insurance person. My wife and I are active in our church with the Sunday school program, ushering and hosts of other items. I am passionate about sports, particularly the Minnesota teams including the Vikings, Timberwolves and Gophers. Our family favorite squad is the NDSU Bison football team, 5 Time National Champions. I love fitness, playing golf, spending time at the farm and on the lakes, cooking/grilling and entertaining. History fascinates me, and Brooke and I enjoy traveling when time permits. A fun fact people may not know about me is I once performed at the halftime of a Minnesota Timberwolves game. My true passion, however, is my family. I am blessed with the best wife in the world, Brooke. She puts up with more than she should and I can’t imagine going through life without her. We have 3 strong, beautiful and smart boys: Tommy, Henry, and James… and now we have another kid on the way! Our free time consists of… well, chasing our kids around to sporting and other events and hanging with people who like doing the same!