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By The MNFUIA Team

If you have added a pool to your backyard, even an above ground pool, your homeowners insurance may be inadequate to cover the potential risks of a pool party. Even if the pool was in place before you purchased coverage, the extra risks you face by bringing guests into your yard require a certain level of coverage. Speak to your agent about the following coverage, to be sure you are not placing your home and earnings at risk:

  • Liability: This can cover property damage and bodily injury. If a child slips and breaks an arm while running around the pool deck, you could be held financially responsible for the medical payments. You might also face court-ordered damages and other settlement fees, on top of your legal defense. Your liability coverage can pay for these costs, up to the limits on your policy. But if your homeowners liability policy is not up to date, the pool may be excluded from coverage.
  • Medical payments: If someone in your family is injured in or near the pool, medical payments can help with the cost of hospital bills and rehabilitation.
  • Umbrella insurance: If you are concerned that the liability limits on your homeowners policy may be insufficient to cover a major lawsuit, umbrella coverage can help. This is extra liability insurance to raise and broaden limits of your existing liability policies, such those included in your car insurance and your homeowners policy.
For more tips on pool safety, visit our Insurance 101 blog HERE.
Don't forget to look out for your animal pals, too!

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July 1:
The first US postage stamp was sold (1847).
July 2: The Lawrence Welk TV show premiered (1955).
July 3: 1st cultivated strawberry displayed (1806).
July 4: Independence Day;
    US Congress proclaims Declaration of Independence (1776). 
July 5: Joe DiMaggio hit his first grand slam (1937).
July 6: Louis Pasteur successfully tested anit-rabies vaccine (1885).
July 7: The United States annexed Hawaii (1898).
July 8: The US State Dept issued first passport (1796).
July 9: Dick Clark first hosted American Bandstand (1956).
July 10: Death Valley, CA recorded 134* F temperature (1913).
July 11: Aaron Burr fatally shot Alexander Hamilton in duel (1804).
July 12: Etch-a-Sketch first went on sale (1960).
July 13: The radio was patented by Guglielmo Marconi (1898).
July 14: Liquid rocket fuel was patented (1914).
July 15: Margarine was patented (1869).
July 16: JFK Jr. killed in plane crash off Martha's Vineyard (1999).
July 17: The air conditioner was invented (1902).
July 18: US Army Air Service established (1914).
July 19: Samuel Colt invented the revolver (1814).
July 20: Neil Armstrong first walked on the moon (1969).
July 21: Jesse James and gang robbed their first train (1873).
July 22: Bank robber John Dillon fatally shot (1934).
July 23: Ford Motor Company sold first Model A car (1903).
July 24: Instant coffee was invented (1938).
July 25: US Department of the Army established (1947).
July 26: Benjamin Franklin became first Postmaster General (1775).
July 27: Bugs Bunny debuted in "A Wild Hare" (1940).
July 28: World War I began (1914).
July 29: Disney's "Steamboat Willie" premiered (1928).
July 30: President LBJ signed Medicare bill (1965).
July 31: MN's own Ralph Samuelson rode first water skis (1922). 

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