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We’ve been here for your family for over 65 years... and we will be your reliable insurance advisor for generations to come.  We offer insurance for both your personal and professional lives.  Our agents understand your insurance needs because we are part of your community. 

As our logo states, we are "Trusted.  Local.  Committed."

Farmers Union Insurance Agency adheres to the Trusted Choice pledge.  We work right in your communities and are actively involved with other organizations, events, and volunteerism.  Finally, we are committed to providing comprehensive, quality insurance products and service to fit the needs of your family.  We work to establish long-term relationships, placing emphasis on protecting your most important assets at home and in your business.  

Why wouldn’t you trust your insurance needs to Farmers Union Insurance Agency?

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By The MNFUIA Team

It’s an absolutely beautiful summer day, and the forecast for the next few days is even better. Suddenly, renting a convertible for a leisurely drive down the coast or a trail bike for a ride in the countryside seems like the perfect answer for a short, but much needed getaway from everyday stress and strains.

Your Trusted Choice® agent not only understands, but seconds the motion! All we ask is that you also take a few precautions (after all, we are insurance!). For a few quick tips that will help minimize the chance an unexpected accident or avoidable health issue that can turn your day of blissful relaxation into a nightmare of pain and anguish... visit the "Insurance 101" tab on this site by clicking HERE for more helpful information.  

Also, check out the video, below, for other helpful tips when renting a vehicle.  

Now go out and enjoy that glorious day!  And be safe!

This Day in History....

August 1: First US Census completed: 4 million people in US (1790).
August 2: Wild Bill Hickock killed in poker holding 2 aces & 2 eights (1876).
August 3: Firestone Tire & Rubber Company founded (1900).
August 4: Champagne invented by Dom Perignon (1693).  
August 5: Little Orphan Annie comic strip debuted (1924).
August 6: Cy Young pitched his first game and won (1890).
August 7: "Order of the Purple Heart" created by G. Washington (1782).
August 8: Daughters of the American Revolution was organized (1890).
August 9: President Nixon resigned (1974).
August 10: Allen Funt's "Candid Camera" debuted (1948).
August 11: The Beatles began their final US concert tour (1966).
August 12: US annexed Hawaii (1898).
August 13: Carl Wickman began Greyhound Bus line in MN (1914).
August 14: Japan surrendered, ending WWII (1945).
August 15: The Panama Canal opened (1914).
August 16: Gold was discovered in the Klondike (1896).
August 17: Construction started on the Berlin Wall (1961).
August 18: Elvis's "Hound Dog/Don't Be Cruel" topped charts (1956).
August 19: Indianapolis Speedway held first auto race (1909).
August 20: Civil War formally declared over by Pres. Johnson (1866).
August 21: Hawaii became the 50th State in the Union (1959).
August 22: The Mona Lisa was stolen from the Louvre (1911).
August 23: Lunar Orbiter 1 took first picture of Earth from the moon (1966).
August 24: Cornelius Swarthout patented the waffle iron (1869).
August 25: Amelia Earhart completed trans-continental flight (1932).
August 26: US Congress passed the 19th Amendment granting
     women the right to vote (1920).  
August 27: Guinness Book of World Records first published (1955).
August 28: Martin Luther King, Jr. made "I Have a Dream" speech (1963).
August 29: Walt Disney's Mary Poppins was released (1964).
August 30: The Late Show with David Letterman premiered (1993).
August 31: The US National Guard was assembled (1940).

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