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As our logo states, we are "Trusted.  Local.  Committed."

Farmers Union Insurance Agency adheres to the Trusted Choice pledge.  We work right in your communities and are actively involved with other organizations, events, and volunteerism.  Finally, we are committed to providing comprehensive, quality insurance products and service to fit the needs of your family.  We work to establish long-term relationships, placing emphasis on protecting your most important assets at home and in your business.  

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At Farmers Union Insurance Agency, we’ll work with you to understand your unique insurance needs. We’ll follow up with many fine insurance providers who compete for your business to deliver high-quality, affordable insurance options tailored to deliver the value and coverage you’re seeking, whether it be for your home, auto, business, farm, crops, livestock, life, health or annuities.  We are your one-stop insurance provider.

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Farmers Union Insurance Agency is independently owned and locally operated to handle all of your insurance needs. We offer affordable and reliable insurance choices across Minnesota, and parts of North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Wisconsin.

Farmers Union Insurance Agency: We are Trusted. Local. Committed.  Contact us today for a free quote.

On This Day in History....

April 1:
April Foods tradition popularized (1700).

April 2: Pope John Paul II died at Vatican (2005).

April 3: The Pony Express debuted (1860).

April 4: Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. assassinated (1968).

April 5: Pocahontas married John Rolfe in VA (1614).

April 6: 1st modern Olympic Games held in Athens (1896).

April 7: US Navy captured 1st British warship (1776).

April 8: Hank Aaron set new home run record (1974).

April 9: Gen. Robert E. Lee surrendered in VA (1865).

April 10: The ASPCA was founded in NYC (1866).

April 11: Napoleon was exiled to Elba (1814).

April 12: The Civil War began in SC (1861).

April 13: Tiger Woods won his first major (1997).

April 14: President Lincoln shot by John Wilkes Booth (1865).

April 15: Jackie Robinson broke baseball color barrier (1947).

April 16: Virginia Tech massacre killed 32 people (2007).

April 17: Apollo 13 returned to Earth (1970).

April 18: The Great San Francisco Earthquake killed 3,000 (1906).

April 19: The first Boston Marathon held (1897).

April 20: Castro announced Mariel Boatlift in Cuba (1980).

April 21:  GM celebrated 100 millionth US-made car (1967).

April 22: The first Earth Day was celebrated (1970).

April 23: William Shakespeare born in England (1564).

April 24: The Easter Rebellion began in Dublin, Ireland (1916).

April 25: Ground was broken for Suez Canal in Egypt (1859).

April 26: Polio vaccine trials began in VA (1954).

April 27: Andrew Cunanan began killing spree in MN (1997).

April 28: Italian dictator Mussolini executed (1945).

April 29: WWII monument opened in Washington, DC (2004).

April 30: Adolf Hitler committed suicide (1945).


Historical dates are excerpted from History.com.


Edna and Marty are sure their young neighbors are going to burn the house down
with that fire pit of theirs. How could those kids be so foolish?

But you aren't like Edna and Marty. Switch to Safeco and we'll help you get more out of life.  
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